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Public Mint EARN is built into our mobile wallet and runs on our lightning-fast blockchain. Start earning on your idle US Dollars with just a few clicks.

How to start EARNing
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  • 1. Deposit funds
    Fund your Public Mint wallet with a simple wire transfer, ACH or USDC stablecoin.
  • 2. Click on "Earn USD"
  • 3. Choose how much to invest
  • 4. Start EARNing


  • How are EARN returns generated?

    Public Mint EARN is able to generate returns by tapping into diverse, yield-generating products offered by DeFi (like Compound or Aave) and CeFi (like Celsius and Abra) partners. Earnings from these third parties typically come from overcollateralized lending products. 

    EARN generates dynamic returns based on the current rates offered by these CeFi partners and integrated DeFi protocols, in proportion to the allocation determined by governance. This means that the rates are not set or guaranteed in any way by Public Mint.

    This works as a risk management strategy by allowing you to dip your toes into high rates offered at the crypto space without all of the risk typically associated with using a single partner. 

  • How secure is the Public Mint platform?

  • How is my money insured on EARN?

  • How does the EARN program work?

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