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Get the best of blockchain and fiat, including global banking & payments.

Welcome to the world of Public Smart Services

  • Public Mint Pay allows anyone to create their own fiat payment system to Pay and Receive fiat, anywhere in the world, 24/7, without a bank account.

  • MINT Global Earn program offers the benefits of CeFi and DeFi to the masses, via earnings-bearing synthetic fiat currencies, starting with USD Earn (USD+).

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    & Entrepreneurs

    Build money-connected applications with simplified custody and compliance.

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    Increase customer convenience by connecting to the world of fiat, without banking friction.

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    & Individuals

    Enjoy unlimited free accounts to pay or get paid by anyone in the world, anytime.

Public Mint is a fiat-native blockchain open platformthat allows anyone to easily create synthetic fiat accountsand transfer funds betweenany individual, business, deviceor application.

Solutions for all kind of needs

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Solutions Illustration Animation
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    Banking & Payments

    Access to banking and multiple payment methods in different geographies, including credit and debit cards, and select stablecoins.

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      $ USD
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      € EUR
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    Ready to Go

    Embed Public Mint in web and mobile apps and dapps, to receive, send and manage funds programmatically, with the user experience of your choice.

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    Public Mint offers an ethereum-compatible fiat-native blockchain with instant finality, where anyone can create fiat accounts and easily transfer fiat funds securely.

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    Open system

    Public Mint offers an open system for innovating. Our wallet source code is available for anyone to download and modify.

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