Money, reinvented.

Public Mint offers you a secure, lightning-fast blockchain - that runs on US Dollars! Getting high yields may be simpler than you imagine.

  • Enjoy a full-fledged money account

    Top-up your wallet using your bank account, credit card, stablecoins and more. Pay or send money instantly to anyone in the world, with the security of a blockchain.

  • Participate in the EARN Program

    The Earn program allows everyone to tap into the high yields available in modern decentralized finance (DeFi), with reduced risks and none of the complexity. Learn more on our Litepaper.

  • The MINT Token
    learn more

    Understand the utility and benefits of MINT, the governance token of the EARN program. Read more.

Next-generation Technology

  • Fiat-native Blockchain

    Use the money you know with fixed low fees at USD $0.05 per transaction and transaction times under 5 seconds with immediate finality.

  • Multiple Funding Methods
  • Open & Composable
  • Compatible & Interoperable

Public Mint is for Everyone

After 3 months trying to open an US bank account, took us 2 days to get Public Mint, and we're now using USD. Also bank would give us only 0.25% interest - can't wait for Earn!

John Keh

CMO at Genesis Block Hong Kong

We are excited to see Public Mint tackle the challenges of programmable currency and frictionless transfer of funds. We look forward to seeing Public Mint's innovative mindset.

Brian Behlendorf

Executive Director at Hyperledger

Public Mint is addressing that initial promise so that all enterprises, from traditional well established companies to new and innovative DeFi startups can pave the way for the rise of Digital Assets, by employing blockchain technology as a foundation.

Nitin Gaur

Director at IBM Digital Asset Labs

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